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At 24-years-old, Ashley has never lived with anyone but her mother–so rooming with six strangers may take some getting used to.

Though she will be the oldest in the house, she is the baby at home, getting calls from her mother twenty times a day and still not knowing how to do laundry.

As of Tuesday October 4th , cast members were on their way to Los Angeles. season: 29 Possible Name: The Challenge Invasion Format: New individual format!

The champions arrived in Thailand 10 day after the first day of filming.

She was the first woman of color and the youngest person ever to compete on the Zimbabwean National Gymnastics Team.

Your “favorite” late-night host whose new show you have never seen? Remember how Conan ends every monologue by saying “We have a great show tonight”? It’s hard to take him at his word, because not every show has been great. Like Egypt’s Mubarak, Libya’s Qaddafi, and reality TV’s Paris Hilton, “Crazy” Jackie was so drunk on power that she didn’t foresee her ousting via revolution. I can’t wait until the inevitable episode in which Frank ushers this relationship to a dramatic close with a drunken rampage.

After the second challenge the format goes to winner of the challenge votes someone in and the house votes someone else in.

Based on social networking, the following people can be confirmed as partcipants in the upcoming challenge. season 3) NOTE: Both Dylan Moore And Emilee Fitzpatrick went to Thailand!

Challenge, so you really think someone is going to die in the arena. On team New Orleans, Preston tells us that teammate Jemmye has never played sports, but “she’s really good at eating Mc Donald’s,” so she is the weakest link. He says that he has never played sports, but his biggest challenge is to keep his heart in the competition. Jonna from Cancun tells us, “All the girls have a crush on Zach. Though not an avid TV watcher, Jenna made sure to catch up on the previous seasons of ."I was going to live in a house with 28 strangers with completely different personalities.But they were alternates (potential replacements) for the challenges. Derrick Konsinski and Sam Mc Ginn were alternates (potential replacements) for the champions. , which includes two LGBT cast members, two “gorgeous gym rats,” and two “brainy students of engineering.” The trailer for the new season, which debuts Sept.

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And, despite not owning up to her athletic prowess, she's managed to find herself in the finals during her other times competing. You can never go wrong with going out to a restaurant.

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