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Even if your rates seem high, t he Department of Education puts a cap on consolidation loan rates at 8.25 percent.

One major advantage of federal consolidation loans is that borrowers don't need a stellar credit score to qualify, they can apply any time (even if their loan is in default) at Loan gov, and they'll always get a fixed interest rate.

Consolidation companies and programs can offer several benefits in additional to simplifying the repayment process.

Borrowers should thoroughly research the interest rates for their existing loans and any forgiveness or deferment benefits attached to their existing loans before consolidating loans.

This can be attractive to borrowers because the consolidation frequently results in longer repayment periods and lower monthly payments.

When it comes to consolidation, the types of loans you have matters, but most federal loans, including Stafford, Perkins, Direct Plus and Supplemental loans, can be consolidated with other federal student loans."The interest rate on (federal) consolidation loans is an average of the interest rates on the (federal) loans you're consolidating," says Ken O'Connor, director of student advocacy for Fynanz, a New York City firm providing technology for the private student loan market.

Founded in 2011 and headquartered in San Francisco, So Fi is an award-winning marketplace lender offering fixed- and variable-rate student-loan refinancing.

The company also provides unemployment protection and career support.

There are both Federal and Private student loan consolidation options.This can make keeping track of your total debt, minimum payments, and monthly due dates confusing.Sometimes it might even cause you to miss payments.The result is more payments to keep track of and it’s easier to forget a payment.A Direct Consolidation Loan allows you to consolidate your student loans into a single loan, with a single monthly payment.

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To determine if consolidation is right for you estimate your savings with our student loan consolidation calculator.

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